'The Details' Trailer: Tobey Maguire Sleeps Around, Battles Raccoon Pack

September 17, 2012


In director Jacob Aaron Estes's Mean Creek followup, The Details, Dr. Tobey Maguire is dealing with two increasingly-troublesome issues: his infidelity to wife Elizabeth Banks and a pack of relentless raccoons. Kind of like a darkly-comic version of Brendan Fraser's Furry Vengeance, if you replaced all the other, non-raccoon wildlife with a snarling Ray Liotta, pissed off that the kid from The Ice Storm is nailing his wife. This first trailer for the film is apparently unofficial, but with its intriguing setup, promising cast (which also includes Kerry Washington and Dennis Haysbert), and cacophonous soundtrack--a crescendoing mix of drum beat, Maguire's own hissing, and the screaming of an over-the-top Laura Linney--it's nonetheless attention-grabbing. Who doesn't want to watch Tobey Maguire fight Ray Liotta, Laura Linney, and raccoons? It's already a better villain trio than Spider-Man 3.

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