'The Mummy' Reboot Coming from 'Underworld' Director Len Wiseman

September 25, 2012


You got that right, Brendan Fraser.

He who covered vampires in black vinyl will now wrap some corpses in gauze (or maybe just more black vinyl), as Len Wiseman is reportedly signing on to direct Universal's reboot of The Mummy franchise. Wiseman, who recently rebooted Total Recall with forgettable results, will work from the previously-reported script from Prometheus's Jon Spaihts; as also previously-noted, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are still producing the film alongside a Van Helsing reboot, as Universal has placed them in charge of the important task of remaking every stupid supernatural adventure Stephen Sommers ever assembled. The two previously worked with Wiseman on the pilot for the Hawaii Five-0 remake Dad watches.

Speaking to Deadline, Wiseman called the new take on The Mummy "a darker twist on the material," because of course it is. Without going into any specifics on exactly what context we'll be seeing Kate Beckinsale, the director went on to explain:

"One of the things that interested me with this mummy is, he's still in essence a man. They haven't turned his brain into a monster brain. He still has a personality and is very cunning and calculating. He's a true character in any form, and in creature form, even if he is that staggering creature, it becomes more important that he's a thinking, calculating person."

And if he can think, he can shoot twin machine guns.

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