'The Wolverine', 'Skyfall', 'RoboCop' Get Some Posters

September 17, 2012


Wolverine, Bond, and RoboCop: they're all near-invincible franchise heroes, they're all good at killing people, they've all been stuffed into a black suit (to varying degrees of fan acceptance), and they all have new movies on the way. But only one has a poster that may offend an entire island nation.


I mean, I get that Wolverine is going to be tearing shit up in Japan this time. But now that Godzilla is once again attacking American shores, it's not like the poster is him stomping up the U.S. flag. That would be pretty good, though. Then we could make stickers where Calvin is pissing on Godzilla.


Yup. That's him. James Bond.


Now that there's a photo of the full suit, spend today's Activity Time trying to figure out what exciting body part this is.


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