'Vamps' Trailer: 'Clueless' Class Reunion Involves More Vampires Than I Remember

September 24, 2012


They perfectly encapsulated the '90s with Clueless, and now writer-director Amy Heckerling, Alicia Silverstone, and Wallace Shawn are out to capture the current "everything should have some vampires, and maybe the glittering pink Sex and the City font" zeitgeist with Vamps. Silverstone and Krysten Ritter star as vampire roommates living the eternally-youthful Manhattan nightlife, with all the party girl-meets-vampire gags that implies from a comedy named Vamps (stylized, with fangs coming off the "m" and "p"). When Ritter falls for a vampire-hunting descendant of Van Helsing (the blonde guy from Downton Abby), his more adamantly anti-undead father (Shawn) gets involved, and that leads to a larger-scale but still lighthearted vampire-human war that calls in cameos from Malcolm McDowell, Sigourney Weaver, and apparently Richard Lewis. There also seems to be a dance off, because they didn't want this to get too heavy. It's not Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

It's better if you pretend this fits into Breaking Bad canon.

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