'Y: The Last Man' Supposedly Back in Development

September 11, 2012


New Line's comic book adaptation Y: The Last Man, in development for nearly a decade now, is supposedly happening again.

Once envisioned as a re-teaming of Eagle Eye/Disturbia director D.J. Caruso and his nostril-flaring muse Shia LaBeouf--this long before LaBeouf dubbed himself a Serious Artist and Caruso forgettably made I Am Number Four--the project is now said to be in the hands of Jericho and Human Target writer-producers Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia, Vulture reports. The two are said to already be meeting with directors to take over the adaptation of Brian K. Vaughn's comic, which focuses on a young man and his monkey--the only two surviving males in a world where an unexplained plague has wiped out all mammals with a Y chromosome. Get your agent on the phone, monkey-from-Hangover 2/Andy Serkis.

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