Anne Hathaway To Play Insecure Woman Who Dates Losers But Still Looks Like Anne Hathaway

October 9, 2012


Channeling a feeling she's heard exists in uglier people who do less smiling and singing, Anne Hathaway will play a woman with a total lack of self-worth in the romantic-comedy The Low Self-Esteem of Lizzie Gillespie.

Written by Mindy Kaling and fellow The Office writer/producer Brent Forrester, the film reportedly focuses on a woman whose complete absence of self-confidence leads her to date only pathetic schlubs (cameos!); just when she's about to give it up, the title character is unexpectedly courted by the fabled "hottest guy ever"--the kind of guy who normally wouldn't pursue someone who looks like Anne Hathaway, apparently. Kaling is expected to take a break from just talking about rom-coms on The Mindy Project to actually taking part in one in a supporting role. John Malkovich is executive producing, having heard the pitch and, in John Malkovich voice, said, "That sounds really cute. Let's do it, guys."

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