'Avengers 2' Might Have Emily Blunt Playing Ms. Marvel

October 8, 2012


True to his spirit of writing in strong female roles that reporters can ask about being strong and female, Joss Whedon has reportedly added Ms. Marvel to the cast of his The Avengers 2.

So says a brief item in The Daily Mail, which claims Emily Blunt and Luther's Ruth Wilson are up for the role of the alien-human hybrid superhero. The rumor makes sense considering Whedon's record and the intergalactic direction the Marvel universe is headed in--and Blunt was even once said to be up for the Black Widow part that fell to Scarlett Johansson. Though it's also worth mentioning that The Daily Mail is a tabloid, and that this story is tacked onto the bottom of an article about Stella McCartney changing the price of an apartment she's selling, which makes less sense. But, hey, that might happen! And, yikes, apartment prices, are they right?

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