Bryan Singer May Go Back to Directing 'X-Men' Movies

October 26, 2012


Matthew Vaughn directed First Class and penned the treatment for the upcoming Days of Future Past, but it looks like it's a different X-Men director who will get behind the camera for the next sequel. (Hint: not greasy Brett Ratner.)

According to Deadline, Bryan Singer, who produced and wrote the treatment for First Class, may now trade roles with Vaughn to direct Days of Future Past. Singer, of course, is a natural choice for the job: he directed the successful first two X-Men films, and considering his post-Valkyrie track record--all he's directed since 2008 is the continually-delayed Jack the Giant Slayer and the rejected pilot for his Munsters reboot--he could use a surefire hit.

But while Singer's participation isn't yet certain, Vaughn's departure is said to be pretty set. His reasons for leaving aren't entirely clear, but seeing as how he also handed off the reins on his Kick-Ass sequel, it could well be a case of Superhero Sequelitis, assuming he's the type who comes up with obnoxiously cute little nicknames for fictional maladies. Anyway, Vaughn is likely moving on to again collaborate with Kick-Ass's Mark Millar to adapt the writer's Secret Service comic. Singer, meanwhile, will tonight be watching the NBC's airing of the Mockingbird Lane pilot, occasionally muttering, "I can't believe NBC didn't want to give Jerry O'Connell another series!"

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