Clooney's Next Has Best, Dapperest, Most Wes Andersony Cast

October 29, 2012


Alright, George Clooney, you've won casting for today.

George Clooney is assembling a cast for his next directorial effort, and according to Deadline, he's got a pretty great ensemble going here. Giving us mini-reunions from O Brother, Where Art Thou, The Artist, Moonrise Kingdom, The Life Aquatic, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and most-likely some kind of "Hollywood's Most Dashing Men" magazine feature, Clooney's The Monuments Men will reportedly star: Clooney! Daniel Craig! Jean Dujardin! Bill Murray! Cate Blanchett! John Goodman! Bob Balaban! And Hugh Bonneville--who dresses dapperly in Downton Abbey, so the theme still works, okay?

Production will begin in March, using the same crew as the Clooney-produced Argo; like that film, The Monuments Men takes it inspiration from history, looking back at the art historians, museum directors, and curators who, near the end of World War II, risked their lives rushing to collect important European artwork so that it could not be stolen or destroyed. Nicolas Cage is going to flip when he finds out no one asked him to help out with this.

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