Dan Harmon's Adult Swim Show Gets a Season

October 29, 2012


If you ever wanted Back to the Future: The Animated Series to be less officially licensed and cruder in every sense, you're in luck, because Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland, and Cartoon Network are making that happen.

According to Roiland--who worked with Harmon back in his Channel 101 and Acceptable TV days--the half-hour animated comedy Rick and Morty has received a ten-episode order to premiere on Adult Swim sometime late next year (though Deadline claims 2014). Created by Harmon and Roiland, the series was picked up to pilot earlier this summer, and it focuses on the adventures of "a genius inventor grandfather and his less-than-genius grandson." The concept originated in a Channel 101 pilot called Doc and Mharti, the name of which has since be changed to make its skewed Back to the Future inspiration a little less easy to get sued over. As you can see in the NSFW video below, the original pilot also included a lot of old man scrotum-licking, and that too will be necessarily changed for the series. At the very least it will transition into incestuous old man scrotum-licking, which will be even grosser.


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