Daniel Day-Lewis Is So Method He Texts as Lincoln

October 25, 2012


A true method actor, devoted to his craft right down to the way he dicks around on his iPhone, Daniel Day-Lewis apparently immersed himself so deeply in the role of Lincoln that he would send his co-stars in-character texts, and they were meant to act like that wasn't really annoying.

Sally Field recently spoke to Time in a profile on Day-Lewis, where she revealed that the actor would frequently send her "some ridiculous limerick" signed "Yours, A.", because clearly that is what Lincoln would have done given the technology. Field, who plays First Lady Mary Todd in Spielberg's Lincoln, said she would "text back as Mary"--because what else do you do when Daniel Day-Lewis sends you a text pretending to be a dead president?--"criticizing him for the waste of his time when he might have been pursuing something more productive." Day-Lewis would then presumably reply with a blurry, drunken Lincoln dick photo, because, method.


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