Despicable Company Making a 'Heathcliff' Movie Too

October 18, 2012


First proposed back in 2009 before its carcass was rightfully tossed whole into a trashcan to rot, a Heathcliff feature film is once again on the table thanks to Waterman Entertainment, the production company behind Alvin and the Chipmunks, Stuart Little, Kull the Conqueror, and the recently-announced remakes of Mister Ed and The Brave Little Toaster.

Aiding Waterman in their task to gobble this thing down to an in-tact skeleton of brand name and CGI cat is Heathcliff rights owner Peter Gallagher, who is not actor Peter Gallagher. He's been writing and drawing the Heathcliff comic strip--which is still somehow running, even as the print industry and absolutely anyone who reads Heathcliff is rapidly dwindling--since his uncle, creator George Gately, died in 2001. He made the deal directly with the production company, who promised to "tap [his] wealth of knowledge on the character and ensure the storylines remain true to the brand and their global fan base" that questionably exists, seeing as how a Heathcliff cartoon hasn't been on the air for 24 years. But Waterman has thought of that, too, and has announced production of a 13-episode season of an all-new Heathcliff series to reintroduce the character to a younger, unfamiliar audience. Soon, the "global fan base" will be rebuilt, and the nations of the world will once again unite under the umbrella of there also being this other, shittier Garfield.

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