'Evil Dead' Red-Band Trailer: Don't Worry, Flora Still Violates Someone

October 24, 2012


The assurances and producer credits of Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell notwithstanding, diehard fans of The Evil Dead will probably never be too thrilled about the remake. But you have to give this trailer credit for trying, doing its best to win over the zealots by way of surprising faithfulness to some of the original series' often ridiculous beats. Arm amputation? Sam Raimi's deteriorating Oldsmobile Delta 88? Shaky POV-through-the-woods shots? Chainsaw? Tree rape? All present in this trailer--along with the gratuitous blood Bruce Campbell alluded to at New York Comic Con. That said, as much the remake looks like Evil Dead, it's definitely a version that's been expectedly polished, and it all looks a lot less fun bled of any smirks and sprayed in Michael Bay's leftover camera filters and perspiration. But hey, this is the gory red-band trailer, so maybe we'll yet see a hint of levity--especially considering the Diablo Cody co-written script--once we've finished covering all the self-seriousness of self-amputation. For now, here's all the blood:

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