Get Ready To Laugh Along with Clive Owen

October 25, 2012


Alright, everyone, try to hold off on making any films that require a slightly more urbane Jason Statham: Clive Owen is taking a break from being Clive Owen to do some comedy.

The Los Angeles Times reports the actor is attached to star in The King of the Castle, the directing debut from the writers of The Sitter and the already-canceled NBC sitcom Animal Practice. Owen would play a womanizer at odds with a teenager who's blackmailing him, and the film is a comedy because Owen does not this time drive a cool car over and shoot the kid.

Clive Owen probably isn't the first guy you think of for philandering comedy, but in fairness, there is a pretty solid precedent that he can pull it off. At least if he's allowed to talk about shit and wet cabbage:

Expect a poster that, either visually or explicitly, asks us whether it's Clive or the teenager that is "king of the castle," because then we'll have to see it to find out.

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