Here's the Latest Nicholas Sparks Movie to Include This Shot

October 24, 2012


Here's the trailer for Save Haven, the latest in a long line of films to use a Nicholas Sparks novel as the inspirational backdrop to a man romantically boxing a woman's ears. This one features the generically-attractive coupling of Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel, with Hough starring as some kind of criminal who retreats to a small seaside town to hide from the law, but ends up finding that LOVE IS THE ONLY TRUE SAFE HAVEN (source: official description). Duhamel plays a local widower, who attempts to mate with the newcomer by desperately offering up every non-motorized mode of transportation he can think of. It's pretty much just what you'd expect from a Nicholas Sparks, right down to a scene of frolicking in the rain--the one exception being that no one seems to be dead or dying. There must be a mercury poisoning subplot in here somewhere.

"Hey, did you hear about his wife? She's fucking dead! So..."

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