Hugh Grant Returning Home to Comforts of Hugh Grant Movies

October 22, 2012


After dabbling in piracy/leprosy in The Pirates! Band of Misfits, and facial tattoos and whatever-the-fuck else is happening in Cloud Atlas, Hugh Grant has decided to return to the comforts of acting like Hugh Grant in a Hugh Grant movie.

Deadline reports the 52-year-old Hugh Grant will next be Hugh Grant in a yet-untitled romantic-comedy that once again teams the actor with Marc Lawrence, the director that already coaxed out several charmingly Hugh Grant-ian performances with Two Weeks Notice, Music and Lyrics, and most recently Did You Hear About the Morgans. As with Music and Lyrics, Grant would play a washed-up, once-successful creative type, this time as an Oscar-winning screenwriter who takes a job teaching at a small college. The character goes in hoping to make some easy money and score some college girls, but as this is a Hugh Grant romantic-comedy, he ends up redeeming himself from sleaziness by falling for an older single mom in his class. He will also probably find himself painfully bemused, so he can do that comic, painfully bemused face Hugh Grant does. Everyone loves that Hugh Grant face!

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