'Iron Man 3' Trailer: Things Are Looking Pretty Rough for Ol' Iron Man

October 23, 2012


There aren't a lot of plot details in this first trailer for Iron Man 3, but one thing is made pretty clear: Tony Stark isn't doing so great. He can't sleep; he can't protect his Gwyneth Paltrow; he's dropped, beat up, in a snowy clearing; his little wardrobe of alternate and prior Iron Man suits is exploded; his home is invaded by some kind of Iron Rapist that won't stop crawling on top of people; and behind it all seems to be Ben Kingsley's Mandarin, who, in sort of a Carl Sagan drawl, provides voiceover explaining that Iron Man isn't a hero, and that he himself is not a terrorist but a teacher whose missiles and exploded houses are the markers and white board of his teachings, or something. Most telling of all, there aren't even any classic rock licks to be found in this trailer, and you know things must be serious if Iron Man has found cause to turn off his Time-Life "Hard + Heavy" collection.

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