'Jurassic Park 4' Almost Had These Dinosaur-Man Hybrid Guys

October 11, 2012


Well, if Jurassic Park 4 writers Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver decide to take the franchise in the same "oh shit, now they're super-smart and man-like" direction as their rebooted Planet of the Apes franchise, it turns out they'll be standing on the shoulders of extremely-questionable geniuses. William Monahan and John Sayles apparently already tried this idea in the mid-2000s, assembling a pitch that involved a lab's clandestine plot to marry dinosaur and human DNA into even cleverer girls--dino-guys (scientifically speaking) capable of advanced problem-solving and also the ability to wield firearms. The idea obviously didn't make it into production--probably because the studio would end up getting sued by the creator of Dinosaurs for Hire, and because it's a super-crazy idea for even a series about a dinosaur amusement park built on frog DNA and mosquito harvesting--but a script was written and reviewed by AICN back in 2007. And now we can see what those hybrids might have looked like, as reddit's sketchampm has posted concept art (via) from the failed experiment, revealing that it would have looked exactly like what it sounded like.

Have a look at more below as we await SyFy's coincidental announcement of Mansaurus.


The one flaw in their genetic makeup is that they didn't really know what to do with their hands.


Yeah, I had that Ninja Turtle toy, too.


"Hey, guys!"


An experiment in merging dinosaur DNA with the raw hunkiness of Daniel Craig.


Awaiting cookie.


Fierce face; sexy legs.


Life finds a way... to put on some cut-offs.



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