'Jurassic Park' Video Revelation: Raptor Was Played by Squatting Man

October 23, 2012


If you'd been living under the assumption that the raptors running around the Jurassic Park kitchen were CGI, prepare to have your mind blown: those raptors were a dude! Specifically, they were John Rosengrant, who spent weeks training to look like he was squatting over a public toilet so he could mosey around in a heavy raptor suit for hours during shooting. Now, in the below video from the Stan Winston School of Character Arts, Rosengrant details the making of said raptor suit, showing some rarely-seen footage of early tests and prototypes that eventually led to what we saw on screen trying to eat Joseph Mazzello. Unlike the last Jurassic Park dinosaur-men we looked at, this is really cool.

Next up: see who was inside Wayne Knight!


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