Liam Neeson's Adventures in Murderin' Continue Box Office Domination

October 15, 2012


Your weekend box office:

1. Taken 2 - $22.5 million, topping the box office for the second week straight, thanks to the enduring popularity of Liam Neeson killing people.

2. Argo - $20.1 million, which everyone agrees is pretty good for a film in which Ben Affleck looks like a black market stereo salesman.

3. Sinister - $18.3 million--$5 million larger opening than Insidious, which spells good news for future vaguely ominous-sounding things.

4. Hotel Transylvania - $17.3 million. The film is on pace to top The Smurfs to become Sony Pictures Animation's highest-grossing film to date, so yeah, there is pretty much definitely going to be a Hotel Transylvania 2, and you should not be surprised when Adam Sandler provides the voices of both Dracula and Dracula's wacky sister.

5. Here Comes the Boom - $12 million. Turns out King of Queens makes even less money as a teacher than he did as a zookeeper or mall cop.

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

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