NBC Cancels Dwight Schrute Spin-Off, Reworks 'Up All Night' (Again), Might Send 'Community' to Canada First

October 30, 2012


Staying true to their identity as a network, NBC has balanced out their one good decision with a couple terrible ones.

First the good news, though: Remember The Farm, the ill-conceived The Office spin-off that would have placed Dwight at the center of a somehow-wackier cast of family and guests to his farm inn? Well, that isn't happening anymore. Dwight himself, Rainn Wilson, tweeted the news, saying, "NBC has passed on moving forward with The Farm TV show. Had a blast making the pilot - onwards & upwards!" Though it should probably be noted that last time NBC passed on a woeful, inn-based spin-off, CBS ended up picking it up, so the chance does remain. As does the indelible stain of Joey.

In less well-advised news, NBC has revealed a bizarre plan for adding laughs to the modestly-rated Up All Night: adding actual, audible laughs. Already tweaked last season to cut out all the Oprah parody portions, the series will go on hiatus in December and return in April as a multi-camera sitcom filmed before a live studio audience. NBC entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt not only thinks this will help you understand when to laugh, he's also pretty confident you won't even notice the difference, telling Variety, "We think we can make a seamless tradition to the new format. Also, we're committed to the multi-camera form, and this will give us another show to consider for next season in this new format." As you may recall, they aren't alone in this viewpoint: former NBC employee Dan Harmon is even returning to the multi-camera format with two new pilots for CBS and Fox. Our sitcom future is broadly lit, and sometimes hoots and cheers when certain characters enter a scene.

Finally, while NBC's Community premiere remains in the limbo that is October 19th, the show may first end up on Canadian TV. Or maybe not. As noticed by Splitsider, Canada's Citytv had posted November 9th premiere date for the new season. But earlier today, that date changed to January 11th, and now the site has retracted all of that and posted the shouted announcement, "NO DATE HAS YET BEEN SET FOR THE RETURN OF COMMUNITY." So keep waiting for October 19th, I guess.

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