New 'Jack Reacher' Trailer Condenses Many Traits into Tom Cruise's Little Jacket

October 17, 2012


When cast as Jack Reacher, Tom Cruise took a lot of criticism for not having the necessary size to portray the novels' hulking character, but if this trailer is any indication, he may have since built up the lacking mass through sheer density of unorthodox, badass hero clichés. Among the numerous traits explicitly laid out in the following video: Jack Reacher is a ghost! Jack Reacher is not found unless he wants to be found! Jack Reacher wants the truth! Jack Reacher is not a hero! Jack Reacher is gonna finish this! Jack Reacher has no limits! Jack Reacher has nothing to lose (bonus: if you're smart, that scares you)! Jack Reacher doesn't care about the law! Jack Reacher doesn't care about proof! Jack Reacher only cares about what's right! And Jack Reacher is going to use all those characteristics to defeat the evil Werner Herzog, who's immediately set up for villainy thanks to a creepy milky eye and ominous Werner Herzog voice. See it all go down, in a leather jacket, below.

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