'Parker' Trailer: Yup, This Sure Is a Jason Statham

October 3, 2012


Playing a character previously portrayed by Lee Marvin in Point Blank, Robert Duvall in The Outfit, Mel Gibson in Payback, and Jason Statham in pretty much everything he's ever been in, Jason Statham stars as the title tough guy in Parker, Taylor Hackford's adaptation of Donald E. Westlake's long-running crime novels. Jennifer Lopez co-stars as a newly-recruited accomplice, who quickly learns that it's Parker who decides whether or not you take your clothes off. Michael Chiklis plays the antagonist, who quickly learns that it's also Parker who decides whether or not Parker ever dies from wounds. If you're guessing that the majority of this film involves Statham putting on a suit and killing some dudes, you are correct:

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