'Reservoir Dogs', 'Pulp Fiction' Briefly Returning to Theaters

October 23, 2012


Not in 3D, somehow!

In the Holiday spirit of gratuitous violence, racial slurs, and Harvey Keitel, the end of the year will see three different Quentin Tarantino films hitting theaters within the month of December. The director's new Django Unchained premieres Christmas Day, but prior to that, both Pulp Fiction and Tarantino's feature-length debut, Reservoir Dogs, will reportedly be heading back to over 600 screens nationwide for one-night-only showings. Reservoir Dogs will hit theaters December 4, while Pulp Fiction will show up two days later; each will be shown alongside a Tarantino documentary retrospective and trailers from films that influenced the director, and both will be projected using new digital systems, because Tarantino's love of celluloid will apparently be carefully avoided in this documentary retrospective. Get tickets early, shove them up your ass, etc.

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