Sacha Baron Cohen Will Bring Laughter to Lesbian Conversion

October 5, 2012


Did you hear about that Hong Kong billionaire septuagenarian who is offering $65 million to any man who can woo his lesbian daughter away from her partner and into a life of straightness? Well, hoping to get another entry into Netflix's "Raucous LGBT Comedy" section, Sacha Baron Cohen is going to adapt that story of terrible parenting into a feature film.

Teaming with Paramount, Cohen and his Four By Two Films are reportedly developing a comedy tentatively called The Lesbian, to tell the tale of playboy Cecil Chao's bounty on his daughter's strayed heterosexuality, and to scare conservatives with its title. The project is being billed as a potential vehicle for giving an all-new foreign caricature to Cohen, who "presumably would play the billionaire" but obviously may well play The Lesbian, the lesbian partner, and/or any suitors, because when the wigs are there, why not wear them?

Speaking out about the story, the daughter, Gigi, has not confirmed her sexual orientation or rumored marriage to her partner out of what she says is respect for her parents. She did, however, add that the reason for her father's farcical marriage plot has mostly to do with the fact "he loves the attention," so maybe this is a pretty good fit for Cohen after all.

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