'Save the Date' Trailer: Jeffrey Brown Comics Get Real, with Alison Brie and Lizzy Caplan

October 19, 2012


Michael Mohan's Save the Date marks the screenwriting debut of indie comics icon Jeffrey Brown, and though he only has a co-writing credit on the film, his endearingly slumped shoulders cast a long shadow across this first trailer. Those familiar with Brown's relationship projects will see many of his usual hallmarks here: uneven levels of affection! Break-ups! Get-togethers! Overt broken-heartedness! Cute little drawings of gangling girls and scruffy dudes, even! But also like Brown's comics work, Save the Date seems to somehow rise above its indie rom-com conventions--or at least its glowing reviews from Sundance would seem to suggest as much. No doubt aiding in that feat: the presence of such generally likable and/or desirable people as Community's Alison Brie, Party Down co-stars Lizzy Caplan and Martin Starr, Scott Pilgrim/End of Love's Mark Webber, and Geoffrey Arend, who doesn't really come across as particularly likable nor desirable but seems to do it for wife Christina Hendricks, so who are we to talk? Here's the trailer:

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