'Boy Meets World' Sequel Will Have Cory, Topanga, New Things, Old Things

November 27, 2012


Turns out Girl Meets World was not just a communal fever dream brought on by "remember the '90s?" lists and Will Friedle's voice still haunting us from the Batman Beyond.

TV Line reports Disney Channel's planned Boy Meets World sequel still very real, so real that former series stars Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel are now officially signed to reprise their roles as Cory and Topanga. Furthermore, Fishel has taken to her Tumblr to speak out on the project, posting a 700-word essay promising "the same honesty, innocence, and intelligence" that we apparently "learned to expect from BMW," as we all called it. She also promises the show "will have familiar faces, familiar themes, and familiar messages," but cautions, "It will also have new faces, new themes, and new messages." So really just an unpredictable mass of faces, themes, and messages. You'll never know what to expect of GMW, as we'll call it.

As previously reported, the idea for Girl Meets World is to induce nostalgic catatonia on an entire generation focus on a 13-year-old girl named Riley, the daughter of Cory and Topanga, who were married at some point after you probably stopped watching Boy Meets World. Though Savage and Fishel's participation is now assured, it's not yet decided who will play young Riley, nor is it clear who else from the original cast will return. William Daniels (aka, Feeny)? Brother Will Friedle? Rider Strong? Cory's Phillies jersey? The animated bandaid that displayed mother Betsy Randle's name in the intro? So many possibilities for cameos. Or for tragedy. Episode 1: A Eulogy for Minkus?

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