Cate Blanchett Joins 'Cinderella' Remake

November 28, 2012


Now that we've got the Snow Whites out of the way, time to move on to Cinderella, and Disney has found the first actress to help them out with that.

According to Deadline, the studio is in "deep talks" with Cate Blanchett to join the storybook re-imagining, which comes from a pitch by The Devil Wears Prada's Aline Brosh McKenna and a script from About a Boy and The Golden Compass's Chris Weitz. Blanchett would provide her practiced icy glares to the part of Lady Tremaine, better known as Cinderella's wicked stepmother, bringing with her enough respectability and Oscar cred that we can't just immediately dismiss this as another fucking re-done fairy tale. It also helps that the film is being directed by Never Let Me Go and One Hour Photo's Mark Romanek, who always brings a strong visual flair to his films--even if that means a little less in the fairy tale realm since Tarsem made Mirror Mirror.

More on this as the cast develops, or whenever we find out there's a rival Cinderella to let Tilda Swinton be a cruel matron, too.

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