Colbert Doing a Whole Week on 'The Hobbit'

November 30, 2012


It's becoming a day thick with talking about The Hobbit, but it's nothing compared to what The Colbert Report has coming up: a full week of episodes devoted to the film. Because sometimes you have to take a break from political satire to chat about wizards and shit.

Colbert--whom, as you may recall, is a huge Tolkien nerd, and may even have a part in The Hobbit--will on Monday kick off the week of nerdery with guest Sir Ian McKellen/Gandalf. Tuesday, star Martin Freeman will come in to dispel the illusion that he is 3-feet-tall, and Wednesday brings producer-director Peter Jackson to the studio; Friday, Andy Serkis will close out the week explaining how being covered in sensor balls and doing a crazy, hissed voice has done pretty well for him. Let's do our best to squeeze that into our already-planned Hobbit week of watching The Lord of the Rings extended editions and not showering.

Stephen Colbert Announces 'Hobbit Week,' Featuring Film's Stars [THR]

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