'ElfQuest' Movie Supposedly Happening, Nerds

November 6, 2012


ElfQuest--the long-running, 34-year-old comic series about some elves presumably engaging in some sort of expedition, even if it turns out that the real journey was just enjoying elfkind--may be headed to screens by way of some people who made an ElfQuest fan video.

Stephanie Thorpe and Paula Rhodes, who last year produced the ElfQuest fan trailer below, have now acquired the film rights to the Wendy and Richard Pini comic series, reports Variety. The project had previously been in development at Warner Bros., but the studio let the rights expire earlier this year when they decided to instead put all their elves in Peter Jackson basket, leaving the Pinis the option of taking the series to other studios or fan video creators. Obviously, they chose the latter, with Wendy Pini explaining, "With their deep love and understanding of the property, [Thorpe and Rhodes] represent a new direction for ElfQuest...new creative energy and new connections in the larger media."

Anyway, here's the video that won the comic's creators over. I guess the ElfQuest will look like sort of a Cinemax late-night fantasy with the softcore edited out?

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