'Europa Report' Teaser: Sharlto Copley's Moon Lander

November 13, 2012


After gaining some fame in District 9 and subsequently appearing in The A-Team, Sharlto Copley wisely stayed off the map for a couple years while The A-Team continued to get decent play on premium cable. Now that that's subsided, he's back, ignoring questions about The A-Team: Another Plan Comes Together and returning to independent sci-fi with Europa, a film in which Copley, Michael Nyqvist, Anamaria Marinca and others travel to the icy, titular moon of Jupiter in the hopes of finding alien life. Judging by the tense, escalating tone of this teaser trailer, SOMETHING HAPPENS, and that something is probably some kind of extraterrestrial life that will make everyone go crazy and turn on each other and freak the fuck out until everyone but maybe one person is dead, because isn't that always how it goes when we start poking around some alien planetoid? This is why we should just get back to finding weird, ungodly life in the deep sea. At least there you'll at worst get Sphered.

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