Lenny Kravitz To Continue Being Actor, Play Marvin Gaye

November 27, 2012


Taking his first role that will involve neither director Lee Daniels nor covering himself in glitter makeup and designing clothes for child gladiators, Lenny Kravitz is reportedly attached to play Marvin Gaye in a biopic on the Motown legend.

Deadline has HEARD IT THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE (GET IT?) that the film, to be directed by documentary and Earth Girls Are Easy director Julien Temple, will focus on the last few years of Gaye's troubled life. It was during that time in the early '80s that Gaye decided an extended stay in Europe was just the trick to curb his problematic coke habit while not going to jail for all his back taxes. This was also when Gaye released the album Midnight Love, bringing with it the hit single Sexual Healing--still today the sexiest song about wanting to have intercourse when one is feeling horny. Not long after, Gaye was murdered, shot and killed in an altercation with his own father.

There have been several prior attempts to tell of Gaye's life and enticingly soap opera-esque death--including a 2006 attempt that would have starred Law & Order's Jesse L. Martin, and a 2008 film to have been directed by The Italian Job's F. Gary Gray--but those films all fell apart due to music rights issues that somehow never seemed to hinder the California Raisins' legal team. The rights have already been handled on this project, though, so shooting is expected to actually happen this time, with production beginning next year. Starring Lenny Kravitz. Because he's an actor now.

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