Robert Downey Jr. Wants Jack Nicholson To Be His Dad

November 14, 2012


Staring at the rakish, grinning face of Jack Nicholson and seeing his own tinted reflection beaming back, Robert Downey Jr. is reportedly pursuing the 75-year-old actor to play his father in the Warner Bros. dramedy The Judge.

Downey is producing and already on-board to star in the film, playing an attorney returning to his small town home for his mother's funeral. There, he finds that his mother may have actually been murdered, and his Alzheimer's-riddled father--the titular judge--is the primary suspect. Wedding Crashers and The Change-Up director David Dobkin has been charged with bringing levity all the wife murder and tragic degenerative disorders, and Gran Torino writer Nick Schenk's script, most recently re-written by Bill Dubuque, is in Nicholson hands. It remains to be seen if he'll succumb to the studio's "active courting," as THR notes he is "notoriously picky," or at least hasn't done a whole a lot between not-so-picky choices like Anger Management and his last film, 2010's How Do You Know. Downey is said to be having a meeting with him later this week. Regardless of how that turns out, the waitress at their meeting place is expected to reluctantly fall for their charms despite the age difference and cynical misanthropy.

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