Scorsese May Direct Garth Brooks TV Special

November 26, 2012


He's already directed a concert documentary on The Rolling Stones, and now Martin Scorsese may take on another for an artist similarly famous for recording "Wild Horses"--the "Wild Horses" about a cowboy conflicted between love of woman and love of actual wild horses in the rodeo, that is.

the Las Vegas Sun (via) reports Scorsese is in talks with Wynn Las Vegas owner Steve Wynn to direct a TV special documenting a closing Garth Brooks concert following a three-year stint at the casino.

According to Wynn, he's already been in talks with Scorsese, who apparently "said he'd love to do it" and is working out a timeline for the project, this despite having never played "Longneck Bottle," "American Honky-Tonk Bar Association," nor any other Brooks hit over an extended film montage.

Brooks himself was somewhat less confident and forthcoming about the matter, telling the paper, "It would be amazing if it works out with Scorsese," while adding, "I'm not confirming or denying that." But he'll have a little time to keep trying to work things out, anyway: Brooks also told the Sun he's taking an extended break before he'll resume touring in late 2014, giving him two years to negotiate the deal and groom the perfectly faint little goatee to inspire the demanding Scorsese. After all, this is Leonardo DiCaprio's biggest fan we're talking about here. You've gotta do faint little goatee right.

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