'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Has Its New Harry Osborn

December 3, 2012


The successor to being James Franco is, evidently, not Dave Franco.

Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb has revealed it's Dane DeHaan, today tweeting the above photo of the actor with the not-so-cryptic message, "Meet Harry Osborn." DeHaan can currently be seen in theaters with his role as Second White Soldier in Lincoln, but more on-the-nose relevantly, he starred in Chronicle, last winter's found-footage superhero film in which he played a kid driven to villainy thanks to a dying mother, unloving father, and heaps of jealousy.

Just a couple weeks ago, Sony was reportedly "seeking actors with characteristics that include athleticism and good looks," leading them to write-off the previously-considered DeHaan due to his less coiffed hair and high likelihood of getting shoved. As their selection deadline nears, those standards seem to have shifted, and now a skinny, awkward kid is apparently fine, too, just so long as he agrees to slink away if a cuter boy or any of Sony's friends show up. Or is this part of the casting news not like my senior prom?

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