Anne Hathaway Wails Her Way to Top of Christmas Box Office

December 26, 2012


Your Christmas Day box office:

1. Les Misérables - $18.2 million, a Christmas dominated by the powerful singing of Hugh Jackman. I bet his Christmas party was pretty obnoxiously like that, too.

2. Django Unchained - $15 million. Tarantino should thank A Christmas Story for breaking down the long-perceived wall separating Christmas and a dude getting his eye shot out.

3. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - $11.3 million. Ticket sales suffered when America was able to convince its parents to see this but couldn't budge their older sister.

4. Parental Guidance - $6.5 million. The popularity of Billy Crystal persists, much like his head of rich, auburn hair.

5. Jack Reacher - $5.3 million. Merry Cruisemas.

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