Another 'Tron' Still Happening, Now with Another Writer

December 6, 2012


Get ready for more Glowstick Frisbee adventures!

Though TRON Legacy barely managed to make back its budget domestically, the promise of bright things and variously-aged Jeff Bridges did well abroad, bringing the film over $400 million and prompting Disney to quickly hire David DiGilio, writer of their Eight Below, to pen a sequel. But while the studio apparently once loved what the writer did with Paul Walker and sled dogs, they did not so much care for his take on Garrett Hedlund and neon motorcycles, prompting new Disney head, Alan Horn, to now make the sequel a priority under a different writer. According to THR, Legacy director Joseph Kosinski is still attached to direct, but now he'll be getting a draft from Jesse Wigutow, writer of It Runs in the Family, the 2003 comedy that cast Kirk, Michael, and Cameron Douglas as the lineage they truly are. The bickering among Jeff Bridges, CGI'd smoother Jeff Bridges, and new, teenage Jeff Bridges is going to be top notch.

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