'Arrested Development' Fake Shows Now on Netflix

December 19, 2012


To the delight of Arrested Development fans and the inevitable disappointment of perverts looking for video of boy-fights, Netflix has now added episodes of AD's meta shows--including Boyfights, Mock Court with J. Reinhold, and the inimitable Wrench--to their streaming service. As these are not actual shows, clicking for video merely takes you to a relevant clip from Arrested Development, but Netflix did go through the trouble of making cover art and full write-ups for them all, presumably so that bloggers would for the nth time remind everyone how the cult comedy is getting new episodes this spring. You win, Netflix.

Nonetheless, it's a pretty clever, subtle promotional effort, and worth taking a look at. To save you the trouble of searching for them all, I've collected the full lot of covers and summaries below. The lack of Homeless Dad and Love Indubitably is an oversight we'll sadly have to live with.

It's brother vs. brother in this compilation of adolescent boyfights, featuring "A Day in the Life of American Boys," "A Boyfights Cookout," and more!

Cast: Michael Bluth, George Bluth Jr., Buster Bluth
Genre: TV Shows, TV Documentaries
This movie is: Violent, Emotional, Exciting

adtv-cagedwisdom.jpgCaged Wisdom: Musings from Prison
Based on his book, "Musings From Prison," George Bluth presents his latest collection of motivational discourses on the Jewish faith.

Cast: George Bluth Sr.
Genre: Faith and Spirituality, Judaica Movies
This movie is: Inspiring

adtv-families.jpgFamilies with Low Self Esteem
Semi-renowned as the world's first licensed Freudian analyst/therapist, Tobias Funke probes deep to provide counseling to families in crisis.

Cast: Tobias Fünke
Genre: Documentaries, Social & Cultural Documentaries
This movie is: Cerebral, Emotional, Visionary

adtv-girls.jpgGirls with Low Self Esteem
Sunshine and self-esteem issues collide as drunken, scantily-clad co-eds with low self-worth and no shame get wild on Spring Break.

Cast: George Bluth Jr.
Genre: TV Shows, Reality TV
This movie is: Raunchy, Scandalous

adtv-lescousins.jpgLes Cousins Dangereux
Set in a sleepy, French province, two cousins hide their incestuous affair from the prying eyes of local villagers in this tale of forbidden romance.

Genre: Dramas, Foreign Movies, Romantic Movies, Foreign Dramas
This movie is: Controversial, Steamy, Romantic

adtv-mocktrial.jpgMock Trial with J. Reinhold
All rise for host Judge Reinhold in this reality courtroom show, with music by American Idol's William Hung, as he puts families through mock trials.

Genre: TV Shows, Reality TV
This movie is: Campy

adtv-readyaim.jpgReady, Aim... Marry Me!
When Bullet parts ways with fellow Nazi hunter, Red McGibbon, he finds adventure and romance in the arms of a sassy socialite.

Cast: Jack Dorso
Genre: Action & Adventure, Classic Movies, Comedies, Romantic Movies
This movie is: Exciting, Romantic

Find out the ugly truth and sordid secrets behind the tabloid headlines in this reality show that re-enacts real-life scandals.

Cast: Tobias Fünke, Lucille Bluth, George Bluth Sr.
Genre: TV Shows, Reality TV
This movie is: Scandalous

By-the-books detective Frank Wrench realizes he needs to loosen up and maybe even break the rules to crack down on LA's toughest cases.

Cast: Moses Taylor
Genre: TV Shows, Crime TV Shows, TV Action & Adventure
This movie is: Exciting, Gritty, Suspenseful

adtv-wwd.jpgWorld's Worst Drivers
Pedestrians beware! Funny fender-benders and stupid sideswipes are all on display in this show that tracks down the world's most terrible drivers.

Cast: Lucille Bluth
Genre: TV Shows, Reality TV, Travel & Adventure Reality TV
This movie is: Exciting


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