Jackie Chan Says He'll Be in 'Expendables 3', Which Will Be a 'Buddy-Buddy' Movie

December 17, 2012


If you can make the small leap of seeing these household skillets as the faces of Sylvester Stallone and possibly Nicolas Cage, you're most of the way to realizing what may be the future of the Expendables franchise.

Though it's worth noting that garbled, poorly-translated articles have run us astray on Expendables casting in the past, CinemaOnline reports "Jackie Chan has confirmed his involvement with Sylvester Stallone's Expendables 3 as the script is currently in works to include the international action star recently at a press conference for CZ12 in Kuala Lumpur."

According to the outlet, Chan said he was already invited to collect a paycheck for The Expendables 2 but at the time was unavailable for shooting to do prior obligations with Chinese Zodiac. But now that the star has retired from big action movies, that leaves his schedule wide open for this big action movie, and he claims the Expendables 3 script is getting a reworking, as "he hoped the third installment of the franchise would run along the lines of a 'buddy-buddy' movie should Chan be starring in it, which the Rambo star obliged"--Stallone no doubt recognizing the increased relevance to be found in asking Chan if he understands the words coming out of his mouth, as Chan's buddy-buddies will do.

Continuing on that subject, Chan said he'll also be doing another buddy[-buddy] film to pair him with another Western actor, and right now Chris Tucker is looking at the script to determine if he'd be willing to more explicitly turn that into a Rush Hour film. Chan himself says, "It would be better to start a new buddy movie with someone new," but as we all well know, "better" isn't the question when it comes to Rush Hour films. The question is whether Chan understands the words coming out of someone's mouth.


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