New 'Croods' Trailer: Cave-Nicolas Cage Fights a Monkey

December 5, 2012


With Seth MacFarlane seemingly putting off his Flintstones reinvention plans as he instead reinvents himself as a host/actor, DreamWorks is taking on the task of primitive family entertainment with The Croods, an animated tale about a neanderthal group led by a rougher-to-look-at-than-usual Nicolas Cage. In this second trailer for the film, we for the first time meet a young caveman--voiced by Ryan Reynolds--that seems to be Cave-Emma Stone's love interest, and Cave-Nic Cage fights a monkey, which I can't believe has never happened in a Nicolas Cage movie before. No one realized the potential for his wrestling the Declaration of Independence from the paws of a mischievous baboon?

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