'Pain & Gain' Trailer: Mark Wahlberg's Gotta Get a Pump

December 19, 2012


Michael Bay has taken a break from his toys to direct a true story about real humans that don't turn into cars, but the change in subject sure hasn't changed his shooting style much. High contrast, oblique angles, low shots of giant creatures (The Rock, in this case), prominent American flags, slow-motion strutting, scantily-clad women, fast cars, and, yes, explosions abound in this first trailer for Pain and Gain, starring Bay's new muse Mark Wahlberg.

In Wahlberg's classic, always-enjoyable big dummy mode, he plays a workout-obsessed personal trainer who recruits fellow meatheads Rock and Anthony Mackie to kidnap a rich criminal client (Tony Shalhoub) and make him pay his own ransom. Shalhoub ends up surviving the ordeal and sends Ed Harris after them, and as is quickly revealed below, things don't turn out so well.

If you can see them through the Bay sheen, the performances all look pretty fun, and the lack of any obvious ethnic caricatures is encouraging, so this could be worth watching when it hits theaters next April. Who knew?

Not even an Aerosmith ballad for that warm embrace?

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