Real, Seemingly-Living Pixar Lamp Built

December 3, 2012


The lamps of Pixar's logo and 1986 Luxo Jr. short have always been in real in as much as they're a real product you can buy and light things with, but until now have lacked the sentience that made them so charming. I say "until now" because some students at Victoria University of Wellington have now put together a lamp that can basically do what only cartoon lamps could before--one that movies of its own accord, responds to interaction, and shows a self-preservation instinct that we should probably fear. One drawback: it cannot hop and be cute with a rubber ball and/or letter. It also does not seem to light things, so as far as being a lamp goes, it is an unmitigated failure. And in that sense, it truly knows what it's like to be alive.

Anyway, here's some video of it in action:


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