Ricky Gervais May Cackle Through 'Muppets' Sequel

December 17, 2012


His relationship with the Muppets already extending to a friendship with pre-scandal Elmo, a deleted scene in the most recent film, an impromptu rendition of "Mah-Na Mah-Na," and the puppeteering of the slack-jawed Karl Pilkington into a minor celebrity, Ricky Gervais may now star as the primary non-puppet in Muppets 2.

Though early reports seemed to indicate Ty Burrell's Interpol agent and a yet-uncast Russian femme fatale would be the primary human stars, THR now claims there will be a third lead role occupied by Gervais, said to be the equivalent of Jason Segel's part if that had more painfully uncomfortable moments and/or AIDS jokes. There's no word on what the role actually is or if it will be a singing part, but if songwriter Bret McKenzie decides to go new wave glam with this film, we're in for a treat:

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