'Smurfs 2' Trailer: Get Ready for Some Naughty Smurfette Action

December 18, 2012


After their first adventure ended up grossing over half a billion dollars, the Smurfs are of course back to explore more of Earth's recognizable tourist sites in a new film coming to mire Neil Patrick Harris in CGI. This time they're in France, and Gargamel has devised a new plan meant to somehow capture his azure foes: making Smurfette be "naughty." Ignoring the obvious route of alcohol and flattering compliments, Gargamel sets at his task by inventing his own sort of Smurfs--a more outwardly anemic breed that are already naughty and thus called "Naughties"--to befriend Smurfette with naughtiness and make her be naughty too, as this film is pretty deaf to how gross it is to hear "naughty" every few seconds.

As you'll see in this first trailer, it looks like the plan works pretty well, with Smurfette derailing the Roue de Paris and sending the Ferris wheel crashing through the streets of Paris. Ha ha, terrorism! Naughty, naughty, Smurfette!

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