Tom Hardy, Noomi Rapace Offered Pitbull-Based Drama

December 17, 2012


Not about the musical artist, tragically.

According to Deadline, Tom Hardy is in final talks to star and Noomi Rapace has been offered the female lead in Animal Rescue, a film that is not the Animal Planet original reality series it sounds like. Rather, it focuses on an ex-con looking to move on from his past but nonetheless ending up involved in a botched heist and a killing somehow resulting from "a lost and contested pit bull"--a perfect example of why we need a pit bull court, arbitrated by Pitbull, closed with a musical verdict, and called Pitbull's Court of Paw. We don't have that yet, though, so we'll have to accept this film, scripted by Gone Baby Gone, Mystic River, and Shutter Island novelist Dennis Lehane. Like most of his works, the script takes place in Boston, but as "so many movies have been set there lately," now it's been relocated to a vastly-overlooked locale called New York City. Hopefully they have pit bulls there.

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