You're Getting Even More New 'Arrested Development'

December 12, 2012


There may yet be a place for you yet, Steve Holt.

According to Deadline, Netflix's ten episode revival order of Arrested Development has now been extended to cover all the related material in the Arrested Development appendices, and all the new ideas and extra footage creator Mitch Hurwitz reportedly got during production. Netflix won't yet officially give a number but have confirmed the expanded season, but it's said to be somewhere in the 12-to-15 episode range. Still aiming for a spring release, shooting will tentatively resume late next month, giving Hurwitz some time to flesh out the ideas and the studios some time to work out scheduling with the cast. The downside is now it will be a lot harder to go through the entire new season the day it's released, but would it really be Arrested Development if you didn't once fall asleep watching it?

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