Ashley Tisdale Joins Nic Cage, Preachiness in 'Left Behind' Reboot

January 4, 2013


Continuing to improve upon the original Left Behind in ways only He truly understands, the makers of the Left Behind remake have added High School Musical's Ashley Tisdale to a cast that thus far includes Nicolas Cage and apocalyptic Christian values.

Tisdale, whose worth was most recently assessed with a starring role in Scary Movie 5, would play Nicolas Cage character Rayford Steele's daughter, a rotten sinner left to wander the Earth searching for Cage and any other family members that have similarly not ascended to Heaven for reasons Kirk Cameron has already explained in prior films. According to the IMDb, Chad Michael Murray is also involved, but truth of this, like God's existence, must be taken on faith, only to be proven when The Rapture comes to take away the devoted, and He returns. "He" being One Tree Hill star Chad Michael Murray, maybe in Kirk Cameron's role of celebrated reporter Cameron "Buck" Williams, or as Cage's son or something.

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