Bill Hader Dubbed the New Mitch Buchannon

January 22, 2013


Though no man will ever truly fill the trunks left behind when David Hasselhoff slowly jogged off the Baywatch set and into the Baywatch Nights, now we know who's going to try.

baywatch-mitch.jpgCasting against torso type, director Robert Ben Garant has cast SNL's Bill Hader as "the Hasselhoff character" in his long-developing Baywatch film adaptation, reports TheWrap. As Hader's casting implies, the film will, like Garant's Reno 911 to Cops, parody the original drama, taking "a faux serious tone to an absurd subject," reveling in the farce that is saving people from drowning.

Not to leave Hasselhoff shirtless in the cold, he'll still make a cameo in the film, as will original beloved stars Pamela Anderson's fake boobs.

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