Bradley Cooper Joins the War on Terror Circa 1915

January 15, 2013


Bradley Cooper has made a deal with Warner Bros. to produce and star in Dark Invasion, a film about Germany's clandestine World War I-era attacks against America's baby blue eyes.

The film is to be based on Howard Blum's upcoming nonfiction book of the same name, which describes plans the German Secret Service carried out on U.S. soil, including the bombing of the Capitol, the shooting of J. P. Morgan Jr., and the establishment of an anthrax lab just a leisurely, six-mile jaunt from the White House. Cooper would play NYPD captain Tom Tunney, the first homeland security head tasked with responding to these attacks with a smug self-awareness of his rakish good looks. The book comes out September 11, a commemoration of the 2001 attacks on the U.S. that Cooper then responded to with the 2002 romantic-comedy Bending All the Rules.

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