Casting Things: 'Transformers'! 'Sin City 2'! More!

January 8, 2013


- Coming in after news of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's casting is that Josh Brolin and Christopher Meloni too will be adding some desaturated grimaces to Sin City: A Dame To Kill For. Meloni will be picking up where he left off with SVU to play a cop, while Brolin is taking over Clive Owen's Dwight, which makes sense: A Dame To Kill For takes place before Dwight's facial reconstruction and after Clive Owen was in things you wanted to see.

- Michael Bay has found another human part to fit among the whirling shards and Mark Wahlberg of Transformers 4: Jack Reynor, a young Irishman with little acting experience but, if history tells us anything, a knock-out Victoria's Secret body to make up for it.

- Will Forte and Tim Robbins are replacing Ty Burrell and Dennis Quaid in Switch, the Elmore Leonard adaptation that functions as both a makeshift prequel to Jackie Brown and way to confuse Jennifer Aniston's résumé.

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